Some Craft Ideas:

Rock Painting: Go for a walk and find a large smooth rock to paint. Varnish after to retain the artwork.
Small rocks great for paperweight gifts.
Larger rocks great for deck ornaments or door stop.

Found a great website with craft ideas & printables:

Little Notebooks: I like to stack 4 pages together (coloured paper looks neater – sometime alternating the coloured with white). Fold in half and staple a few times along folded edge. That gives you one larger notebook or cut in half for two smaller ones. A great place for special pictures.

I keep a few in my rainy day box and one in my purse for those long waits (such as a doctor’s office). Ive also added these to a craft theme birthday gift and written the child's name on the front.

Contact Paper Collages: This stuff is amazing for projects.
Perhaps a nature walk results in many treasures, lay them on a piece of contact paper and cover with another. Or have them cut pictures from a catalogue or magazine and stick to Contact Paper. It could also be a project with regular craft items like glitter, ribbons, tissue paper, feathers, etc. Perhaps using up the leftover wrap & ribbons from a birthday or Christmas!

Binoculars: 2 Toilet Paper Rolls, Glue or Tape.
Pretty simple. Have kids decorate with stickers or markers. Could also hole punch a hole in each and tie a string on for them to hang around their neck.

Tamborine: Have little artist draw on the back of a paper plate. Fold in half with drawing on outside. Staple along edge (adding dried rice or beans before completely sealing)

Bean Bags: Make your own bean bags by sewing squares of fabric filled with dried beans. Simple! For a no-sew version, glue felt squares filled with dried beans. Great for using up fabric scraps.

(I keep mine in a drawstring bag - I think it was from Crown Royal years ago)

Bean Bag Toss: Cut a hole in a shoe box lid. Cover box & lid with paper. Let child decorate with stickers, markers, etc. Now they have something to try to toss their bean bags into!

Tissue Paper Painting: Dilute Glue with Water in small cup. If child is old enough, allow them to cut strips & squares from tissue paper, otherwise you should do it. Now let them paint the glue over the tissue onto any craft object such as: wooden items like box or birdhouse, bottom of clear glass plate, metal or cardboard can (new pencil holder or storage for tea bags, small toys, etc.!), paper plate etc.

Stained glass: 2 pieces of Contact paper with torn bits of tissue paper sandwiched between. Cut into special shape (ie. Egg for Easter, a star, heart) and punch a hole in top to hang in window.

Papertowel Drawings: Markers & Papertowel, their artwork takes on a watercolour affect or if they draw in the lines of the papertowel it would look like a quilt.
(I taped it to a placemat to keep it from sliding around on her - next time I think I'll have her wear a bib too!)

Great Website: http://www.theideabox.com/ with lots of different ideas, activities, etc.

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