Baby and Toddler Easter Snack & Activity Ideas

My daughter is 21m this Easter and I am so looking forward to it! Ive been researching different activites that she can enjoy this year and years to come. Im hoping to make some traditions that she (and future siblings) will remember fondly.

These are just some ideas, she certainly won't be getting all of it!

- Egg Hunt
with picture clues (or just scattered around living room this year)

- Lunch inside plastic eggs (cubed cheese, ham strips, pickle slices, crackers, etc.)
don’t let them hide these!
- Colouring Pages - many on the internet to print off

- Pre-cut Egg Shapes from paper to decorate or colour

- Colour or Decorate hard-boiled eggs (crayons, markers, stickers, etc.) Egg salad for lunch tomorrow!

- Bunny Story Time – bunny & other Easter themed books

- Duck, Duck, Goose

- Paper Mache (watery glue & newspaper) a Balloon & Paint to create a neat Easter Egg (use pinata style if desired)

(do a few days in advance to allow the glue to dry and hype the kids up for Easter!)

- Printables – Mazes, matching games, etc. **See my sidebar on favourite websites that have printables**

Check out for some great ideas: http://www.dltk-holidays.com/easter/index.html

- String Egg Decoration- Inflate a balloon. Soak long pieces of string or yarn in glue. Wrap sticky string around the balloon. Allow to dry. If using white string, paint it once dry. Pop the balloon & hang up as a decoration.

Options: Sprinkle with glitter! - Do several small balloons, each in a different string colour. Put in a basket once dry and balloon popped.

- Sugar Cookies in Easter Shapes
- Bunny Cracker Snack
- Bunny Cake
- Carrots (of course!)

- Jello Jigglers in Easter Shapes

- Cut sandwiches with cookie cutters into easter shapes

Plastic Egg Fillers:
- Cheerios/Fruit Loops/Lucky Charms etc.
- Stickers
- Hair barrettes
- Animal Crackers
- Goldfish Crackers
- Teddy Grahams
- Fruit Snacks

Basket Fillers:
- Chocolate
- Book i got two cute board books from the dollar store, one on ducks and one on bunnies!
- Candy
- Sunglasses
- Stuffed Toy
- Sidewalk Chalk
- Colouring Book/Pages & Crayons
- Outdoor Toy like skipping rope, football, etc.
- Plastic Eggs with something from above list

Action Songs:
- Sleeping Bunny
- Little Bunny Foo Foo

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