Green Birthday Ideas

Working on ideas for my daughter's upcoming 2nd birthday. Thought that perhaps we'll try an Eco theme of Green.

Location: Summer Birthday outside in the yard. I won't purchase any games but will find some ideas for games on the internet. Most activity will just be free-play on swings, sandbox, wading pool, etc. If in future years I need a theme for this same style of birthday, I can say butterfly celebration, bug safari, or garden party.
Craft Activity: Trinket Boxes. I have several little containers from Maxwell Cafe Cappucinno, Hot Chocolate, Fancy Tea, etc. They are all sturdy little containers with nice lids. I'll let the kids decorate them with craft supplies I have on hand (glitter, ribbons, stickers, markers, buttons, etc.) It's recycling & keeping them occupied at the same time. After they've made their creation, I will write their name on the bottom and hand back with the loot bag later.

Dishes: no disposables, we'll use our plastic camping plates & cups for the kids. Im thinking of finger foods so I don't have to worry about utensils. Parents can use the glass plates.

Cake: Homemade

Loot Bags: Reusable cloth bags that I'll make myself. Internet has various instructions for making easy drawstring bags. Ive got tons of fabric scraps I can use. The bag can then be later used by the child for their cars, snacks, doll clothes, etc.

(Here's how they turned out!) --->

You could also take two squares of felt and sew up three sides. Cut a rectangle for the handle. They could be left as is or decorated with paints or markers (party craft!)

Or purchase small canvas bags from a craft store that can be decorated at the party.

*check out another post I made on loot bags for various other ideas*

Loot Bag Fillers: No plastic junk that will just get tossed. Some ideas so far are:
*homemade playdough w/ recipe & cookie cutter
*clay pot (kids decorate at party) with baggie of soil and seed packet
*homemade decorated cookies
*notebook & fancy pen
*homemade chunky toddler crayons (see separate post)

Anything that is practical and either usable or edible. Any candy I buy will be bought in bulk to reduce packaging.

Stay away from the mult-pack of plastic junky lootbag stuff (ie. sunglasses that break before they are out of the packaging, whistles, etc.) Most moms are tossing that stuff out before the end of the day cause they're broken or annoying.

Also including in the Loot Bag a Thank You Card made from cutting various artworks (that Sophie has done lately) into little folded cards. Inside is a simple "Thank you for coming to my Birthday Party, love Sophie"

~ Tablecloths that I already own rather than the one-time use plastic version. Or if I feel creative, I could take a bed sheet that isn't in our bedroom's colour scheme anymore and add some felt flowers or butterflys or circles to dress it up.
~ Happy Birthday Banner that I'll be using for a few years. (see separate post for more detail)
~ Pictures of friends & family from Sophie's 1st birthday party and perhaps some from the day she was born.
~ Paper Garlands from colourful flyers & catalogues.
~ Birthday Crown - make from felt and decorate with puff paint & glitter. Let them use this for years to come (even a picture with it for sweet 16 would be great memories!)

Gifts: Im going to somehow (have to think of the best way to word it on the invites) ask my friends for gently-used toys or books. My daughter will be two and won't care if it's a used toy, we love second hand stuff. This will save lots of packaging (it's amazing how much plastic & cardboard one toy comes packed in). Also asking for gifts to be wrapped in newspaper, flyers, pre-used gift bags or fabric!

Still looking into other ideas to help keep it green...

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