Activities to Keep a Toddler Busy

My place of employment has announced a two month shutdown. This has upset many employees but for me & my spouse, it's a blessing in disguise! We'll get to spend some much needed quality time with our little girl. So now I need to find ideas to keep her busy & entertained, that means a list! Yay!

Hopefully we'll be able to take trips to our local Toy Library to see other Moms & kids and maybe spring will show up soon so we can head to the park! But for all the other days, this is my compilation of ideas:

  • Dancing - she loves when we put on music and dance around the house

  • Crafts: Paint w/ Water, Colouring, Painting

  • Finger Painting with Pudding OR Yoghurt - yummy!
  • Playdough - regular or homemade (see recipes)

  • A sink full of bubbles and some tools (sieve, spoon, measuring spoons & cups, funnel, towels, smock)

  • Balloons - inflate a couple and toss around
  • Spray bottle of water & a dishcloth - help mommy clean the house! (I clean my windows with water and a special microfiber cloth. She gets to help and it is actually helping the windows get clean)
  • Toy Wash - basin of soapy water (on a big towel), a scrub brush and some plastic toys. Fun for her & gets her toys cleaned up!

  • Shaving Cream Fun: Fill a large ziploc bag with shaving cream foam. Add a few drops of food colouring. Seal & tape. Let child mix & manipulate. Later at bathtime, clip off the corner of the bag and they can have fun squirting in in the tub and drawing pictures in it.

  • Greeting Card Puzzles: Using a few used greeting cards, cut out a square in each picture. Now the child needs to figure out which square fits with which greeting card.

  • Flashlights in a dark room

  • Indoor Sand Box: Tub of oatmeal or Rice (uncooked of course!). Play with it using small cars, spoons, funnels, etc.
  • Sorting Laundry into same colours, matching socks, etc.

  • Nature Hike - wonder around with a pail, picking up leaves & rocks & such. Perhaps making a collage later at home.

  • Build a Fort - couch cushions, blankets, chairs, etc.

  • Homemade Paint w/ Water using contruction paper & paint brush dipped in water

  • Works of Art created and then mailed to family members
Im also going to try to put away some toys that she doesn't play with and then perhaps rotate them in a months time with others she's growing bored of.

There's also trips to the library, grocery store, swimming pool in a nearby town, playdates with friends, visits to Grandparents, and going for walks.

Do you have some more ideas for me??

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