Letter "A" Birthday Party for my 1 year old

Ive started thinking of my son's upcoming first birthday and what theme to use. I think Ive decided on a LETTER "A" theme as my sons name is Alex.

**this is what Ive come up with so far but will add to it as I find more ideas (& pictures!)**

I will iron a "A" on his shirt to wear for his party.

Cake: Alligator or Airplane or Anaconda (havent decided yet) - ANGEL FOOD CAKE?
or a Wooden Block Cake with two of the sides having an A and 1.

Loot Bag: Animal Crackers, "A" shaped soaps or crayons, plastic snake (anaconda), Alien toy, Animal or Alien or Astronaut or Airplane or Alphabet Stickers, ...

Arrowroot Cookies,
Apple Slices (With Peanut Butter dip),
Jello Jigglers in 'A' or something that starts with A,

Come to A lex's A wesome Birthday A ctivities on A pril 28!
(need to get out my thesaurus and see what kind of alliteration I can come up with)

Colouring pages of "A" or "A" pictures (see ideas below)
(probably no planned activities since the age group is quite young)

Maybe some of these A words will give you some ideas for cake, snacks, decorations, loot bag favors, etc.
  • Armband
  • Apricot
  • Appetizer
  • Animal
  • Ant
  • Ape
  • Ark (boat)
  • Antelope
  • Apple
  • Arrow
  • Art
  • Artichoke
  • Astronaut
  • Auto
  • Airplane
  • Album
  • Alien
  • Alligator
  • Almond
  • Alphabet
  • Anaconda
  • Angel Food Cake
  • Athletics
  • Avocado
  • Aquarium
  • Apron


Recycled Christmas Cards Magnet Craft

Using any type of lids (pickle jar, salsa, cheesewhiz, baby food, etc.) trace a circle from a cute Christmas card. Cut the circle out a little bit inside the line you drew. Glue inside the lid. Use glitter glue (yes, we use this for almost every craft!) around the edge of the card and could also be around edge of lid too. Glue a magnet on the back. Or turn into a ornament by glueing a string on.

Could also glue ribbon on outside edge of lid.

I think these would look great on the fridge in random sizes. I plan to do random sizes from various Santa cards that we've received this year.

Easy Toddler Made Ornaments

this was from a foam kit but could easily be cut from brown foam and then use various foam stickers to decorate.

storebought ornament covered in stickers.

wooden ornament coloured, glitter glued, and stickers applied.

another storebought ornament with stickers

pinecone dabbed with glue, glitter sprinkled on and a ribbon glued on.

Homemade Yarn Ornament - Toddler Craft Fun!

Make these easy homemade ornaments for your tree. Would be great in any colour and size!
GlueGlitter or Glitter Glue
small Balloon

Blow up the balloons into a small round shape (grapefruit size perhaps). Dip yarn into glue (use a disposable cup, can, etc. so that you can toss after you're done). Remove yarn from glue squeezing some of the excess glue from it. Wrap yarn around and around and around the balloon in multiple directions. Wrap the ends under other strings. Sprinkle with glitter (or wait until dry and then decorate with glitter glue and then allow to dry again. Put somewhere warm to dry.

*tips* i did this craft over a piece of cling wrap (could also use wax paper or aluminum foil) for easy clean up. I used a ice cream pail lid for the balls to dry on.
Once dry, (you may need to turn occasionally as it drys) pop the balloon and remove. Tie a ribbon and hang on the tree.


Easy Gift for Toddler to Make: Bookmarks

I had my daughter make one of these for my birthday (:0)) and have made a few more for the hard to buy for family members (who also are avid readers)

Foam Stickers
Glitter Glue
Yarn or Ribbon

Cut foam into rectangles. Punch hole in top. Decorate with stickers, markers, glitter glue. Tie ribbon or yarn through hole. Thread with beads if desired.

Can also use previous years Christmas Cards (or Birthday Cards) or Child's Artwork cut out and taped onto cardstock. Punch hole in top and thread ribbon or yarn through.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Baby

Hmm, what to get for my 7m old little boys stocking...
Here are some of the ideas Ive come up with.




Stacking Cups

Board or Cloth Book(s)

Baby Cookie

Sippy Cup

Tube of FP Little People


Mega Blok accessories


Teething Toy

Spoon & / or Fork

Plate or Bowl (with special design or personalized)


Easy Toddler Kleenex / Tissue Box Craft

* Tissue Box (full - not empty!)
* Various papers, stickers, colouring pages, previously done artwork, buttons, ribbons, Christmas or Birthday Cards etc.

Cover the sides of the box with blank construction paper, previous artwork or coloured colouring pages. Further embellish with whatever! It is now a festive tissue box. :0)

(sometimes I dont want EVERY craft we do to last forever! just want something for an afternoon activity that will be on display short term.)

This can be done for any holiday or as an every day item.


Handprint & Footprint Angel Craft

This craft was done at our Toy Library and thought it was share worthy :-)

Trace child's foot, cut out.
Trace child's hands, cut out.
Glue hands (wings) to back of foot (body)
Glue on Hair and Googly Eyes and draw a mouth.
Shape pipecleaner into halo shape and staple to head.
Glue magnet or piece of string to back.


Paint Stick Snowman

Paint Stick (you get them free when you buy paint)

White Paint

Black Marker

Orange Marker

random Buttons

Small length of fabric or ribbon


Paint the stick white. Draw a face near top of stick. Tie length of fabric or ribbon as a scarf. Glue small buttons down front. Wrap felt around top of head and glue to back. Tie ribbon or yarn around to make a hat shape.

Button Snowman Magnet or Pin - A Gift a Toddler can Make!

2 white Buttons (large)
Black foam
Ribbon or Yarn (small piece)
Orange foam or paper (small piece)

(I like to reuse buttons for crafts and usually save good magnets if they fall off or before I toss the craft that was on it)

Glue the two buttons onto the magnet with the first buttons holes horizontal (looking like eyes) and the second buttons holes verticle (looking like the snowman's buttons)

Cut a small hat shape from black foam and glue onto head of snowman.

Glue small piece of ribbon or yarn around neck of snowman. Plus another small piece as a hat band.

Glue small sliver of orange foam or paper for the snowman nose.

Use a marker or small dab of black paint to dot a mouth.

*If wanted as a pin, substitute the magnet for a pin backing.*

This would be a great gift to give a teacher, Grandma, etc.!