Easter at our house this year

Im looking forward to our Easter festivities. Sophie is 21m and I think will enjoy what's in store for her.

Friday we are going to decorate some hard boiled eggs with markers and perhaps do some easter colouring pages to put up around the house. See the Paint w/ Water she's done so far - Momma's little artist :-)
(crazy amount of snow still on our deck eh?)

Here's our Egg Results:
We used tadoodles (so very messy, wear a smock!) and highlighters. I recommend containing everything in something to keep the eggs from rolling away. They turned out really good! A lot of the decoration on them came from her painting her hands and then when she grabbed an egg a lot of the paint got on the egg. Oh well, it worked :-)

Saturday we're going to Grandma & Grandpa's and also taking a trip to a nearby sheep farm where they have a special easter weekend letting all the kids see the goats, ducks, lambs, etc. Ive never gone and am quite excited.

Sunday we'll have a bit of a egg hunt and she'll get a basket of gifts:

I got everything from the dollar store, so probably spent $5. I'll put animal crackers, fruit loops, and a bit of chocolate in her plastic eggs.

Ive also set aside (two weeks ago or so) a few books with a Spring/Easter theme to read lots:

Should be a fun weekend :-)

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