Creating a Tickle Trunk

Remember Mr. Dress Up? I was a huge fan and am going to create a Tickle Trunk for my daughter who is just starting to enjoy dressing up.

Items Needed:
  • A Trunk - perhaps a basket w/ lid or rubbermaid bin

  • Adult Clothing such as scarves, ties, vests, hats, gloves

  • Items from Halloween (purchase after the holiday for a great discount!) like Hats, Tiaras, Masks, Wands, Wings, etc.

  • Costume Jewellery - I found some great necklaces at the dollar store with big colourful wooden beads on an elastic necklace

  • Purses

I think I'll have to check out a second hand store at our next trip to the city, Im sure there would be all kinds of neat things there!

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