Outside Fun

On a snowy winters day, give the child a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of food colouring. Let the go outside and spray paint some creations onto the snow!

Easy Toddler Craft for the Birds

Help toddler thread cheerios, pretzels and other such items onto pipecleaners.

Bend into loops.

Create several to have a chain.

Hang outside where the child can watch the birds eat their creation!

Winter Suncatcher

Using a metal pie plate, have child put an assortment of small colourful toys, beads, buttons, etc inside.

Lay ribbon or string so that it will be able to hang the suncatcher once frozen
Fill to brim with water.

Remove from pan and hang outside near window.

*Perhaps a Nature version too - using pinecones, pine needles, rocks, twigs, leaves, etc.

Christmas Craft: Gingerbread Man

1. Cut out a large gingerbread man shape.
2. Let child decorate with a variety of items like:
glitter glue (my child's favourite!)
crinkly paper
googly eyes
pom poms
pipe cleaners
bits of fabric or felt
markers, crayons, etc.


Recent Christmas Craft Creations

artwork done with crayons & glitter glue framed

decoupaged white tissue paper onto a clear vase (great for gifts)

toddlers hands and foot make this reindeer's shape

markers on a wooden ornament

foam stars decorated with glitter glue and hung from the ceiling

finger painting on green construction paper, then covered in glitter glue, cut into tree shape, and buttons added as ornaments. Foam star glitter glued and then glued on top.

Gingerbread house made with square graham crackers, icing, and assortment of candies (m&m's, smarties, gummie bears, pretzels, coconut, raisens, marshmallows)