The Loot Bag

Oh the dreaded loot bag. I was very disappointed in the loot bags I gave out at my daughter's last birthday. I had given no pre-thought into what to give so I went with a variety of cheap plastic stuff. I spent a lot and could have given some neat items for the same amount or less. I don't believe that loot bags need to cost more than the present, they are meant as a thank you token in my opinion. So here's some ideas:

Content Ideas:
-Homemade chunky crayons – melt paperless crayons in small muffin tins
-Joke Book
-Cookie decorated with child’s name
-Homemade Playdough or Store Bought
-Activity Booklets & Crayons (purchased or print out pages from internet and staple together)
-"A scoop of Hugs and Kisses for you". Laundry Scoop filled with Hershey kisses wrapped in cellophane & ribbon
-Something made by the Birthday Child as a thank you to her friend
-Bean Bags
-Homemade bookmark
-Notebook & fancy Pen
-Bubbles & Wand
-Hair Accessories
-Candy or Homemade Goodies (ie. rice krispie squares)

Activity from Party that results in a Take Home Item:
-Scavenger Hunt/Treasure Hunt
-Picture Frame
-Superhero Cape & Foam Mask


-Make a candy necklace (licorice string, lifesavers)
-Craft Kit – large Ziploc bag with stickers, construction paper, ribbon, glue stick, printed out colouring pages etc.
-Dry cookie mix with instructions of wet ingredients, cookie cutters, cookie decorations

The Actual Loot Bag:
-Drawstring Bag
-Lunch kit
-Paper Bag decorated
-Canvas Bag
-Clay Pots (decorated by child) w/ baggie of dirt & seed packet
-Sand Pails w/ sidewalk chalk, shovel, etc.
-Small cellophane bag tied to a helium balloon
-Small Jar decorated (with decoupaged pictures on inside of jar)

-Party Popper (like Christmas Crackers)
-Tea Cup filled with cookies, wrapped in cellophane
-Small Box (decorated by child) filled with gold chocolate coins and a flashlight (this would be cool for a Pirate or Rainbow Party)
-Helium Balloon with a baggie of candy tied to it.
-Dress Up bag – purse with scarf, necklace, hat

And of course:

Be sure to have a couple extra in case a sibling or extra friend comes over. If there's extra then the birthday child gets one too!

Dollar Stores are wonderful for creating your loot bag but think outside the box. Don't necessarily only check the party section ;-)

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