Some Boredom Busters

Create a Cave! Bed sheet over the table with some pillows underneath. Good place for playing, snack time, and reading

Reading Books – instead of just reading the book, I would read the page and then ask her to point out objects ‘where’s the mommy’ etc. Now she’s got that down pat so I ask ‘where Mommy’s hat’ for a little more complicated question for her. Also, if the book is on animals, ‘where’s the cow’, and ‘what does cow say’ etc.
It helps each book take a little longer to go through because otherwise she’ll have me read a dozen of her little books in one sitting

Musical Band – I have my child's musical toys sorted into one bin. A shaker, mega blocks piano, fisher price guitar etc. Pull them all out and have a jam session!

Toy Library – If you have one in your area, sign out toys (works like a library) for your child to have something new to play with for awhile.

Kitchen Chalkboard – saw an idea somewhere about hanging a small chalkboard on the side of your kitchen island or lower cupboards. This is at their height and they can draw while you’re cooking or cleaning.

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