Easy Toddler Easter Decoration Craft - Coffee Filter Easter Eggs

You've probably seen many variations of these coffee filter stained-glass-look decorations. We've done them as snowflakes for winter and hearts for Valentines. Here is our Easter version!

Cut coffee filters into an egg shape.

Decorate with markers

Lightly spritz with water (this will make the markers bleed and the lines of the filter disappear

Let dry (happens fast) and then hang up!


We also made some using Paper Towels & Highlighters and them worked great too!

*I think we will make an Easter Bunny with paper & cottonballs and use these eggs to make an Easter Diorama*

Toddler Easter Art

Have your child help with the Easter decorations by making a HUGE Easter Egg!

Cut an egg shape from very large paper (tape 2 pieces together if needed to make a large egg)

Decorate with markers or crayons or paint

Decorate with stickers


Easter Playdough Basket

Just wanted to turn our Playdough fun into an Easter theme so I made this cheap recycled basket for my daughter to play with. A emptied & clean applesauce cup with an elastic (taken from broccoli bunch) around it and a pipe cleaner wrapped on the elastic. Not very fancy obviously but she had fun with it. Here's a pic of the basket filled with Easter Eggs & Easter Snakes (every playdough activity MUST have snakes included!)


Rainbow Craft Projects - Toddlers & Preschoolers

Rainbows are a fun craft for St. Patricks Day, Easter, or celebrating Spring or Summer!

*see the bottom of this post for alternative suggestions and an easy way for a toddler to make a Rainbow Shape*

- Craft or Snack!! Fruit Loop Cereal or Mini Coloured Marshmallows Glue Construction Paper Have the child glue the coloured cereal or marshmallows into a rainbow shape**. Stress the importance of only eating the cereal that DOES NOT have glue on it! :-D

**Turn this into a RAINBOW SNACK by omitting the glue! Maybe use cream cheese to attach them to a plate and then enjoy eating your Rainbow Snack - another option for the rainbow could be Smarties! Create your rainbows on Sugar Cookies or Cupcakes or Graham Crackers!**

Different coloured strips or squares of tissue paper Glue Stick Construction paper shaped like a rainbow Put a thick layer of glue stick on the construction paper. Stick the tissue paper on randomly.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple lengths of yarn Glue Construction Paper Glue lines of glue in a Rainbow Shape** onto the construction paper. Lay a appropriate coloured length of yarn in the glue.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Blue, Purple Construction Paper (just a small strip of each) White Construction Paper Glue Cut the strips of coloured paper into small squares. Have the child glue them into a Rainbow Shape**


**Rainbow Shape**
To make it easier for a young child, draw the rainbow stripes with the appropriate coloured crayon (remember ROY G BIV or Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet) Then they can glue their paper, yarn, or cereal onto each line.


*Any of these projects could have half a Paper Plate subsituted for the constructions paper to change it up a bit!

*Any of these projects could have CLOUDS added to the ends of the rainbow! For the Fruit Loop or Mini Marshmallow rainbows, use large white MARSHMALLOWS! The other rainbows could have COTTON BALLS!



Natural Diaper Rash Remedy

My poor little boy had a nasty diaper rash (which I think came from putting too much bath soap in his bath the other night)

So after doing some research, this is what worked for us.

Warm bath with some oatmeal (I put a handful of oats wrapped up in some cheesecloth and held under tap as I ran the bath)

Towel dry. Attempt to use blowdryer on the affected area (he didnt really care for this part!)

Spend some diaper free time to let the air flow on affected area. (I let him wander around & play in the bathroom while his sister had her bath. This is fun for him because I dont let him play in the bathroom normally and clean up would be easy for any accidents - after awhile of that I laid a towel on the livingroom carpet and put some snacks and his drink there)

Apply a natural diaper rash remedy of a blob of olive oil shaken with a few drops of water.
**I am not a doctor so take this for what it is worth! **

In the summer (or if you are very worried about accidents in the house) the child could go diaper free with some loose airy shorts on. This would help prevent any "spray" and keep grass & dirt from getting all over his sore area if outside.


Recycle / Reuse Baby Food or Spice / Seasoning Jars

Im getting a collection of baby food jars and small jars from spices & seasonings.

Im also looking into ideas for my kids upcoming birthday parties and have come up with the plan to use the little jars to package up candies for the loot bags!

I can decorate the lids with fabric or have my daughter decorate with stickers.

This will save on the plastic baggies I am trying to live without!

(of course they could also be used to make snowglobes, storage for nuts/bolts, hair elastics, pushpins, bread bag tags, musical shakers, large shot glasses, small vases, or small drinking glasses)