More Birthday Party Ideas:

Bug Theme – caterpillar cake, make caterpillars from egg cartons, eat gummy worms, etc. Activity: Bucket of dirt/water mix (mud!) with various plastic bugs & creatures inside. Kids have 1 min. to find as many as possible.

ALPHABET Party – Primary colours, Alphabet Posing, Find something that starts with letter “__”, Alphabit cereal & pretzel snack mix, letter cookie cutters used to make jello jigglers, sandwiches, etc. Alphabits on Cupcakes.

S is for Sophie Party (or whatever the birthday child's name is) – all games, snacks that start with that letter.
For S, you could have sandwiches, strawberries, S shaped cookies, have a sock hop (dancing), and give silly putty & shoestring licorice in loot bags. That's all I could think of at the moment but if you gave it some thought and looked around the house, cookbooks and dollar store, Im sure you could find other things.

Barnyard Party: Various animals for decorations. A cake shaped like a favourite animal, an animal toy & animal crackers in the loot bag.

Face Painting: What about letting the kids paint their own face?
When they arrive they go to the face paint station. There would be multiple colours of face paint (you could create your own face paint, I think Ive got a recipe in the craft recipes section) and little hand mirrors. Maybe the hand mirrors could be part of their take home package.

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