Recycled Storage Ideas

Im in the mood for storage solutions right now as I try to organize the house before the baby comes. Here are some great ideas Ive found around the net:

Other containers that I already use:

Film Canisters - great for bringing jewellery on travels, storing push pins, pouring melted wax into for chunky crayons
(kind of a thing of the past in the new digital era but I have purchased them from second hand stores)

Margarine , Sour Cream (etc.) Containers - Crayons, craft supplies, homemade playdough, something to hold paint that isn't easily tipped over

Cigar Boxes - store trip memorabilia, a small doll playset, sea shells, crayons, whatever! (i picked up a few boxes while in Cuba)
Peanut Butter Jars - I store the pieces for different playsets (Littlest Pet Shop, Strawberry Shortcake) in them but now seeing PlumPudding's idea, I plan to attach the lids.

Cappucino Tins - I have used these as craft projects where the kids attach stickers, ribbons, etc to create a little special box, Ive also painted them and used as presents filled with candies or cookies.

Play Dough Containers: Great for snacks to keep in your purse, diaper bag, etc. Use for snacks like cheerios, fruit snacks, crackers, candies, etc.

Also great for small craft supplies like googly eyes, tiny beads, etc.

Hot Chocolate / Ice Tea (Cardboard container with Plastic Lid): I have one Ive painted with a rooster and it stores tea bags. Ive also covered them in twine to give them a different look and used to store some thread, scissors, & pin cushion to have on hand for my hand sewing projects. Could be used to store kid's stuff too like little figurines, puzzle pieces, play kitchen items, etc.

~Any of the above containers also work great for keeping your Christmas Decorations from becoming a mess or breaking~


Edible Snowman Craft / Snack

Let's Make a Snowman Snack!

Sweet Version
Spread two Graham Crackers with Icing. Use raisens, marshmallows and small candies or small cereal to create the face and buttons.

Savoury Version
Spread round crackers with cream cheese. Use raisens and small bits of carrots, broccoli, celery etc. for the face and buttons.

Snowman Crafts

I love snowman and like having various creations around the house. We did some before Christmas as part of our decorations but it is a craft we can continue in the new year as well.

Cupcake Liner Snowman -
Let child flatten some cupcake ( or specialty chocolate) liners (a couple in different sizes would be great). G
lue in a snowman shape onto construction paper.
Glue on items for the face and clothing.
To create the look of snow falling, put small daps of glue throughout paper and some on snowman. Let child sprinkle white glitter on the glue drops.

Cotton Ball Snowman -
Cut out two or three circles from paper (could even use the cardboard from a cereal box for a sturdy recycled version).
Let child either dip their cotton balls in glue and apply on circles OR let child paint glue onto circles and then place cotton balls on glued area.

For a picture:
glue circles on paper and then let child decorate with an assortment of odds and ends.
Glue on items for face and clothing.

For a hanging mobile version:
Using the cardboard backing, put a hole on top of largest circle. A hole on top and bottom of medium circle and one on bottom of smallest circle.
Use string, twist ties, etc to attach circles to create the snowman.
The child could even decorate the back of the snowman in the same manner so that it can twist and turn with the air movement.

Chalkboard Snowman -
Glue on snowman shapes & accessories onto black paper. Let the child use white chalk to create snowflakes!

Fabric Scraps
Felt pieces
Foam Stickers
Construction Paper
Wool / Yarn
Bottle Caps


Toddler Christmas Craft - Tin Pie Plate Stars

In researching some ideas of what to use my aluminum pie plates for in a toddler craft, I came across a great idea to use next Christmas!

Cut stars out of the center of the pie plates. Punch a hole in the top and hang several in the window at varying lengths.

Perhaps the toddler could help decorate them with glue and glitter.