Make Snacks or Meals Fun & Interesting

These ideas could be for a regular day, keep boredom away on snowy or rainy days, or use at a Birthday Party!

Serve in different containers.
- A muffin tin
- Ice Cube Tray!
- Veggie sticks in a cup – squirt of ranch dressing in the bottom to dip
- Snacks in a mug are easier for a small child to hang on to and seem unique
- Think 'outside the box', there's all kinds of containers in the house you could use probably.

Colour Themed Snack (Serve food of one colour) For example, a red snack would be strawberries, raspberry juice, bread with strawberry cream cheese

Coloured Bread:
If you use a bread machine or bake from scratch, you can always add some fruit colouring into the dough ingredients to make a neat green bread (or whatever colour)

Make different shapes or animals with the snack:
**Pizza is great for making faces with the toppings (For a snack version, serve Pizza Toast)
**Ants on a log is classic (Celery with cheese whiz & raisens)
**Pancakes are easy to make into shapes – Mickey Mouse is a regular one. You can always use chocolate chips or fruit slices to enhance details.

Peanut Butter Toast with their initial on it made from raisens (Could also be done with Cheeze Whiz Toast & bacon or ham

Cut sandwiches with Cookie Cutters to create neat shapes. Make the sandwich after the bread is cut and then use the crusts for stuffing or bread pudding or dry out and pulse in food processor for bread crumbs.

Location: Why always be at the table?
Have a picnic on the livingroom floor on a blanket or table cloth.
Take the snack outside for a picnic
Set up a tent in livingroom or basement and enjoy snack inside
Make your dining table into a cave (throw large blanket or tablecloth on that hangs over sides) and dine inside
Head to the park and sit at a picnic table

Backwards Day: Have pizza (leftover) for breakfast and pancakes for supper. Not a new idea but telling the kids its a backwards day gets them all excited.

Maybe even claiming that supper is Snack Time for one night.

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