Love Bugs

These little sweeties are a cute craft for Valentines.

Cardboard Egg Carton - cubes cut out
Three Hearts
2 Googly Eyes
1 Pink or Red Pipecleaner, cut into four pcs
Red Paint

*Paint egg carton cube. Let dry.
*Write a little message on two hearts (like HUGS, KISSES, BE MINE, etc) and glue on either side of cube (these are the wings)
*Poke two holes with something sharp on top of cube. Insert Pipecleaner. Curl ends.
*Glue heart (this is the face) on front of cube.
*Glue on googly eyes.
*Draw a sweet little mouth.

**For hearts, I cut them from some previous artwork of my daughters done with red and pink fingerpainting - great way to reuse and save space**

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