Coffee Filter Craft / Stained Glass Hearts / Heart Snowflakes!

This is the easy way to create a stained glass effect without the use of an iron and crayon shavings which is hard for a small child to be a part of.

These Stained Glass Heart or Heart Snowflakes are made with Coffee Filters, Markers, and a spritz of water = EASY!

Fold coffee filter in half (could do a few layers at a time). Cut out half a heart.

Let child colour with markers.

Lay on wax paper, tin foil, vinyl tablecloth (something that can be tossed or easily wiped down).

Spritz each lightly with water so that the colours start to bleed and the creases of the coffee filter disappear.

Let dry (happens quickly)

Hang in window with a small smear of glue stick (washes off easily later)

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