Easy Kid Valentine Craft or Cards - Love Bugs

We had some fun creating these Love Bugs from various sized hearts!

(many of the hearts were cut from previous pink & red paintings we did earlier in the month

- i cut out lots of random sized hearts from these paintings plus from scraps of red and pink scrapbook paper.
Then when the mood hits to do a craft, its all ready!).

Have fun making different bugs or animals

- adding in the necessary googly eyes of course!

Any of these Love Bugs could be projects to hang up as decorations or be made into special Valentine Cards for a Teacher, Child Care Worker, Grandparent, Aunt, etc.

Great for any age of child. A smaller child will need you to tell them what animal to create and maybe show them what it will look like. An older child can be given the bunch of random sized hearts and they can create whatever animals their imagination comes up with.


blabla said...

thanks! I'll try it with my 6 year old this week end!

Jennifer said...

So cute! I featured your heart ladybug on my blog, http://www.tottimecrafts.blogspot.com/ Will be making one, if not all, of them soon for Valentine's Day!