Toddler Pumpkins & Jack O Lanterns

With a toddler, carving a pumpkin is not something they can help with. However, there are alternatives!

If you only believe Jack o Lanterns should be carved, cut out the top hole, loosen the seeds & muck from the insides and then give the toddler various spoons or containers to scoop it out. Gross yet Fun!

OTHER VARIATIONS on Pumpkin Decorating:

- let the kids paint their pumpkins with faces or some abstract design that only they understand.



Push Pins & Yarn
- Saw one post where they had put various coloured push pins spread all over the pumpkin and then took lengths of yarn and wrapped them from pin to pin to create unique geometrical designs.

Mr. Potato Parts
- Put a few strategically placed holes in the pumpkin and then let the child use their accessories from their Mr. Potato Head toy.

Child's Creation:
Another option is to let the child draw the face and then the adult carve exactly where the lines are.

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