Big Sister Present

My daughter will be a big sister in 6 months and have been doing some thinking on a gift for her from her little sibling.

Have to head to the dollar store and see what they have for inspiration but here are my thoughts so far...

Container: Fancy purse (use for dress up later)

Bag of candies (quite a treat as she doesn't get much candy)
*Special Notebook (will add her name to cover with puff paint & sparkles)
Special Pen (purchase a fancy pen and add ribbons to end)
small baby with tiny accessories

I saw on another blog where their 'big sister' was older and so a disposable camera was amongst the items - that would be very neat to see their perspective!

Other Moms also mentioned that they purchased something larger that would help keep their child entertained once at home with baby - ie. play kitchen, playdough set, baby doll w/ crib, stroller, etc.

Gift to Baby:
I also plan to have my daughter help 'purchase' a gift for the baby - probably a small stuffed animal and rattle - that she can help wrap and give to the baby. Perhaps she'll feel extra special playing with the baby with the items she had given him/her.

* Making your own Stickers & Special Notebook *
Stickers: Print clip art out on a 81/2 x 11 label sheet or on the smaller labels.
Notebook: Layer several papers (I like to alternate a few coloured papers with white). Fold either horizontally or vertically depending on the size of notebooks you want. Staple in several places. Cut your notebooks out!

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