Camping with a Toddler - Necessities

Wipes! - even if toilet trained, bring these for the constant dirty hands & faces

First Aid Kit

Bug Repellant


Potty - If in-training or recently trained, a potty might be good to bring since some outhouses can be pretty scary.

Variety of toys that you only bring out if it rains (see separate Camping post)

Durable & Washable Toys - (see separate post on Camping)

Snacks - snack mix (see separate post in Food), Popcorn Twists, Fruit, Marshmallows, Meat & Cheese (cut up at home and put in plastic container), etc.

Disposable Camera

Rug or Mat outside Tent/Camper to keep a minimum of sanding coming inside

Clothesline - (Rope or folding wooden variety) There will be many wet items that will need to be hung up somewhere.

Extra Socks, Extra Blankets

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