Camping with a Toddler - Activities

Some ideas of items & activities to keep a toddler occupied while out camping. Keep in mind that it might not always be sunny so you'll need some items for in the dining tent or camper.

Sand Toys: Bucket, Shovel, Sifter (could also use bowl, mixing spoon, funnel, etc. from the kitchen)


Small bag of Blocks

Crayons, Paper, and Stickers

Jigsaw Puzzle

Magnifying Glass (great for checking out all nature's goodies)

Bug Catcher

Doll w/ accessories (hard plastic doll, choose items that are easily washable)

Etch a Sketch

Lots of books

Finger Puppets

Playdough (store bought or homemade - see separate posts for recipes)

Nature Collage - Bring Paper & Glue. Go for a walk and collect sticks, leaves, etc. in a sand bucket.

Pet Rocks - Bring Acrylic Paint & Brushes. Find some large smooth rocks & decorate with faces or abstract art.

Drawing in the Sand

Collecting sticks for firewood

Searching for beach treasures

Swimming, Splashing, etc.

Campground Playground (if available)

Throwing a Ball or Soccer game


Check out this website for some great games you can print off and keep in the camping supplies for rainy weather.


I printed out Dominos, Matching Game, and Bingo. There's a lot more to check out though so take a peek!

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