Textile Alphabet Binder

My Aunt Florence created and brought this over for my 4yr old but would be great for a younger child as well when learning letters.

It is a binder filled with letters for the entire alphabet that the child can glue items on from an item beginning with that letter. You could draw your own letters or print them out from the internet. These ones were printed from http://www.quality-kids-crafts.com/

Here are the ideas she had listed in the back of the binder for each letter (or try and come up with others - it's hard!!)

A aluminum foil

B band-aids

C cotton batting or balls

D dots punched from coloured paper with hole punch

E eggshells crushed (coloured with food colouring for a more colourful picture)

F coloured feathers

G grass or green +/or gold glitter

H hair or happy face stickers

I insect or instrument stickers

J jello powder

K kleenex

L lace

M masking tape

N newspaper

O octagon shapes or small O shaped pasta

P puzzle pieces

Q quarters or question marks

R ribbon

S sand or sandpaper

T toothpicks or tinsel or toothpaste

U umbrellas (mini ones for drinks)

V velcro or velvet

W wallpaper or wood

X wax (for the ending sound)

Y yellow yarn

Z zippers

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