Cookie Monster Birthday Theme

Just got back from my friend's son's 2nd Birthday - COOKIE MONSTER THEME!


Blue circles cut from construction paper - folded in half. White circles glued at top of fold for eyes (black circles drawn for pupils). Invite details inside!


BLUE! - Balloons, Tablecloth, etc!

Poster - "Brought to you by the letter W and the number 2" (change according to your birthday child's first initial and age)

Cookie Monster Balloon - use a glue stick to add eyes & mouth to a blue balloon. Eyes must be close and lopsided to portray Cookie Monster


Blue Kool Aid

Blue Popsicles

regular party snacks


Cupcakes on platter in round shape. Two iced to look like googly eyes, and then blue for fur and black for mouth! *warning that blue & black icing WILL create funny lips, tongues, teeth (and poop for those still in diapers!)

Birthday Boy's Attire - I love this Cookie Monster tee she bought off Etsy.com

Loot Bags:

Kid's decorated brown lunch bags with LOTS of blue glitter & bingo dabbers and then there was a Sesame Street Colouring Book, Sucker, and this cute & nifty luggage tag inside!

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