Arts and Crafts Birthday Party Theme

I have started to plan my daughter's 4th birthday with an Arts & Crafts theme. We both love crafts!!

This is a compilation of ideas that I have found through the internet & magazines. The photos are from my daughter's party. Great for indoor parties to keep kids occupied! Probably best for this theme to be used with a smaller group of kids.

* Shaped like an Artist's Palette
* Some of your child's artwork folded into a card with details inside

*"Let your inner artist come out at Sophie's 4th Birthday" or "Come Paint with Me!" or "Come Craft with Me!" or "Sophie loves to create, come help us celebrate!"

*Name your house as a Gallery or Art Store (ie. Johnson's Gallery)

(may want to include a mention to NOT wear your bestest newest dress)

Activities (that double as Loot Bag Favours):
* Paint a PICTURE FRAME (plain wooden frames & paint)
* Make BRACELETS or NECKLACES (stretchy elastic string & beads!)
* LOOT BAG decoration (paper or canvas bags, give them supplies to decorate)
* Design your NOTEBOOK cover (give them a notebook with the cover covered in paper - then let them decorate)

Other Activites:
- PlayDoh
- Hang a white sheet or paper on clothesline and let kids at it with PAINT!
- Decorate a TableCloth

Loot Bag Favours:
Recycled Crayons
Construction Paper
Paints, Markers, Crayons, etc.
Play Dough & Accessories
Any type of Craft Supplies

Pencil Case or Box (Personalized with stickers perhaps!)

THANK YOU: "Thanks for making my Birthday a MASTERPIECE!"

- Bright Primary Colours for balloons, streamers, etc
- Tablecloth made of plain butcher or white paper (for kids to decorate!)
- Your child's artwork strung up or hung at their eye level

- "Welcome to Sophie's Arts & Crafts Party!" sign OR "Art Area" OR "CRAFT ZONE" signs

Create your own Pizzas (use bread, pizza circles, or english muffin halves)
Decorate your own Cupcakes

Ice Cream Sundae making station - colourful toppings like strawberries, blueberries, pineapple
regular type of party fare (meats, cheeses, fruits, etc)


Artist's Palette - use a round cake pan, frost white. Blobs of paint in primary colours made with icing, fondant, or little piles of m&ms!

White Sheet Cake - let the kids decorate at the party!

Shape & Decorate to resemble a BOX of CRAYONS!

*Check out the craft supplies at your local dollar store for inspiration! Maybe they have some cute wooden birdhouses or neat purses to decorate - pretty much anything goes for this theme!

i created the invites on picnik.com

decorations included lots of colourful balloons & streamers and this a banner that says "I 'heart' CRAFTS"

kids helped decorate the cake first with Wilton Food Markers (but my fondant was too warm and therefore soft) and then went crazy with Scribblers Icing

once cut a rainbow was discovered!

activities included painting picture frames, making bracelets, and Juice Box Kids (covered a juice box partially in paper and kids glued on hair from feathers or paper, strips of paper for arms & legs, googly eyes, and drew a mouth and nose)

LootBags were from the Dollar Store and had a pad of construction paper, markers, stickers, stencis, lollipops and a homemade thank you card. Under $5 for each box.

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