Natural Diaper Rash Remedy

My poor little boy had a nasty diaper rash (which I think came from putting too much bath soap in his bath the other night)

So after doing some research, this is what worked for us.

Warm bath with some oatmeal (I put a handful of oats wrapped up in some cheesecloth and held under tap as I ran the bath)

Towel dry. Attempt to use blowdryer on the affected area (he didnt really care for this part!)

Spend some diaper free time to let the air flow on affected area. (I let him wander around & play in the bathroom while his sister had her bath. This is fun for him because I dont let him play in the bathroom normally and clean up would be easy for any accidents - after awhile of that I laid a towel on the livingroom carpet and put some snacks and his drink there)

Apply a natural diaper rash remedy of a blob of olive oil shaken with a few drops of water.
**I am not a doctor so take this for what it is worth! **

In the summer (or if you are very worried about accidents in the house) the child could go diaper free with some loose airy shorts on. This would help prevent any "spray" and keep grass & dirt from getting all over his sore area if outside.

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