Airplane Birthday Party for my 1 year old

Earlier I had posted about having a Letter "A" Birthday Party but I think that has now changed to an AIRPLANE PARTY for my sons first birthday.

**this is just a list of the ideas I found, I will be picking and choosing from the list so dont think everything listed needs to be done or purchase!**

*watch for an updated post near the end of April!*

NAME OF AIRPORT: You really need a name such as: Alex Airways ~ Smith Airline ~ AJS Airport ~ Thompson Air - just incorporate your child's first or last name into something fun!

LOCATION: Our party will be in our home but here are some other suggestions:
  • a park located under the flight path of your local airport

  • at a beach near a water airbase

ATTIRE: Birthday Boy will be wearing a shirt with an Airplane applique ironed on.


Envelopes made from old maps

There are so many wonderful ideas on the internet for airplane invitations, I was overwhelmed when I started looking into this theme.

A regular invitation decorated with airplane stickers

Invitation shaped like a cloud.

Boarding Pass made to look very realistic with the party details

Wording such as:

  • Up, Up and Away, It's Alex's 1st Birthday!
  • Come Fly With Me!
  • Fly On Over to Alex's Birthday!
  • Taking off Saturday April 28th at 10am from Alex Airways
  • Please confirm flight with Alex Airways ticket agent at 555-1234

  • This ticket is non-transferable. You are allowed 1-2 carryon parent(s).
  • Check in Time (time party starts)
  • Departure Time (time party ends)
  • Confirmation Number (Your phone number to rsvp)

  • Captain Alex of Smith Airways

so many ideas out there, these are just a few I found.

- Sheet cake decorated like a runway with a toy airplane sitting atop.

- Sheet cake frosted blue with cotton candy clouds and a toy airplane.

-Mini airplanes (using airplane cake mould) in various colours

- One mini airplane for the smash cake and then cupcakes with toppers (use airplane clipart pasted on circles with a toothpick) for the guests.

- Cupcakes frosted with fluffy icing (or Cool Whip & Pudding combo) for clouds and then toppers that are little airplanes (either paper or plastic toys)


  • Airplane Posters
  • Maps

  • Paper or foam airplanes hanging from ceiling
  • Clouds hanging from ceiling (cloud shaped paper glued with cotton balls or bunches of cotton batting) from string or fishing line.
  • Posters like LAVATORY (bathroom), BAGGAGE CLAIM (loot bags), WELCOME TO ALEX AIRWAYS at entrance, FLIGHT CREW ONLY for adult only areas,
  • Blue and White helium balloons in bunches tied to a toy airplane.
  • Red, White, and Blue colour scheme works great. If you live in the US, pick up some sale items after July4th! (such as streamers, ballooms, dishes, etc)

  • also going to look around the house for what we already have that could be used. For instance my son's quilt has a big airplane on it so it will be hung up. This Christmas my kids received a foam play mat of the world - perfect for this! I also have some fabric baskets for my sons toys that have airplanes on them, they will be incorporated into the decor. Since we dont have many, I will see about borrowing toy airplanes from friends or ask the guests to each bring a airplane!
  • Silverwear wrapped in a napkin with a paper label

  • Food served in clear plastic boxes like you would get baking in (ask at a bakery or deli for some)

  • Food cut with airplane cookie cutter (sandwiches, cheese, rice krispie squares, cookies)

Im a firm believer in keeping the food simple for small kids parties. Most of them will hardly eat in all the excitement and they dont want to eat new or unusual things. Plus you already have enough work, try to stay away from things you have to make or bake during the party. You will have other things going on plus you'll want to take photos!


  • Make Paper Airplanes & decorate and then FLY!

  • Foam or Wooden Airplanes to decorate and then FLY!

you could see who's airplane flys the farthest or see who can get their airplane to fly through a hula hoop that someone could hold up high.

  • Colouring Pages of Airplanes: http://www.alfy.com/arts_crafts/coloring_pages/?CategoryID=16&name=Transportation

  • Musical Chairs set up in a row like airplane seats.

  • Pin the pilot on the airplane (using a poster of an airplane, have the blindfolded children stick a pilot picture on)

  • Airplane Craft = cut from construction paper. Have kids decorate with markers and then glue on people's faces cut from magazines or catalogues.

  • TOYS - Im going to empty our livingroom of the majority of the toys and just keep a big suitcase filled with airplane toys (Im borrowing some from my parents that were mine as a child, some from friends, and those that we already had). In my experience at playdates, kids just empty every bin of toys out without really playing with many of them and what a MESS!

  • This Candy Airplane could be a craft that would go home in the loot bag

    LOOT BAG / FAVOURS: have these at "Baggage Claim" sitting in an opened suitcase!!

  • Airplane Stickers

  • Airplane shaped SOAP or CRAYONS

  • drawstring or tote bag made from Airplane fabric

  • Toy Airplane

  • crayon roll made from Airplane fabric

  • Trail Mix in mini ziploc bag with airline logo sticker

  • Pilot Sunglasses

  • Thank You Card - shaped & decorated like a Passport

  • Passport Notebook - create a notebook of white paper folded with a patterned paper on the outside and stapled to be a notebook. Write "Official Passport" on outside. You could leave blank for them to colour (maybe include a 3 crayon pk) or for older kids, have things they need to fill in like: Favourite travelling food, Favourite Colour, Places Ive always wanted to go, etc. If wanting to get really detailed, get a picture of the child and make a page with their picture, name, etc. similar to a real passport. Stickers could be included also.

  • LUGGAGE TAG - either a purchased one or create your own with a rectangular piece of paper with a hole punched on the end and string threaded through!
** I am an addict of Etsy.com - check them out for a variety of vendors that sell a lot of fabulous items for all types of things related to this post - invitations, stickers, loot bag favors, decorations, tshirt appliques, etc. **
When the party is for a one year old, give someone the job of keeping track of your child. I found that Im so busy getting everything done that its hard to keep track of the mischievious little monster.
You may also want to give your camera to someone with instructions of what specifically you want pictures taken of.


Ummi to Hamzah said...

hi,was just googling on idea for my son's 1 year old birthday party (he's 9 months plus now btw) and came across your blog.love your idea on the aeroplane theme!but seems like require alot of work.do update when the time comes for your son's party :)

Proud Momma said...

It can be as little or as much work as you want. I wont be doing all of these things but wanted to give lots of ideas for others :-)