Halloween Spiders, Ghosts & Jack o Lanterns

Some Halloween Crafts for your Toddler

your typical egg carton cube, painted black, eyes glued on and pipe cleaners poked through. We tied string on the inside of the spider and dangled them from a ceiling fan. Very cute.

I LOVE these! Foot prints with white paint on black paper. Little Eyes & Mouth made with a black marker (or paint). Make it a keepsake by doing on artist canvas or do on construction paper and then frame them to bring out every year with your decorations!

I did these on a thick cardstock that came with some curtains I had purchased. The top footprints are by my 5m old and the bottom ones by my 3yr old.

Could also make these adorable ghosts using handprints (upside down).


My daughter loves to make smiley faces so here is the Halloween version :-). I framed this one to be able to keep.

Orange paintings cut into pumpkin shapes - great way to reuse or recycle her previous artwork!


So cute from the blog below!


Can't wait to give these a try, but instead of a little stick stem, I think I will use brown felt or brown yarn so it can be baby & toddler friendly.

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