The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

For my daughter's 3rd Birthday, we are using the theme from the book "THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR"

These are some of the ideas I have found and will pick and choose from them for what will work for me. Once we have the party, I will post pics too!


* Green Construction Paper folded into card shape and then cut into shape of leaf. Perhaps a "Bite" cut from it. Details inside.

* Using daughter's thumbprints and red & green ink, create caterpillar on front of card.


*Fruit skewers of 4 green grapes and 1 red strawberry (resembles caterpillar)

*Foods from the book and a hole in each (strawberries, cheese, salami, etc.)

* Red Juice with green ice cubes

* Pasta Salad or Mac n' Chz made with the twirly noodles that look like worms.


* Pompoms & Googly eyes glued onto green construction paper leaf to resemble caterpillar

* Coffee Filter coloured with markers and then clipped in center with clothespin to resemble butterfly

* Pompoms & Googly eyes glued onto clothespin or popsicle stick w/magnet (plus fruit stickers!)


Caterpillar Obstacle Course (crawling throughout various obstacles like under chairs, through tunnels, over stuff)

Colouring (The author Eric Carle has colouring papes on his website - google it)

Read the Story

Bean Bag Toss (picture of caterpillar and the fruits & vegtables - bags tossed into the holes in the foods)



Caterpillar created from cupcakes

Caterpillar created with Bundt pan


Our Poster (made from her three finger paintings - one dark green, one light green/yellow, one red - then ovals cut and pasted onto bristol board)

and our caterpillar cake!


Red and Green everything (check your Christmas supplies!)

Tablecloth in theme colours (I have a green tablecloth with red apples that will be perfect)

Huge wall caterpillar created with a red balloon and several green ones. Tape or hang these in the birthday area.

Butterfly decorations (will be using some artwork of my daughter and then cutting into butterfly shapes to hang)


Gummy Worms

Bug Box or Net

Magnifying Glass

Butterfly Stickers or Tattoos

The craft they completed

One of her favourite gifts was a Hungry Caterpillar Jack-in-the-box. She played with it endlessly until it needed to be hidden lol.

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