EASTER Crafts for my Toddler

Fridge Easter Egg Magnets:

Craft Foam
Glitter Glue & Paint

Cut egg shapes from the craft foam in various colours. Let child paint. Once dry, decorate with glitter glue. Once dry, attach magnet to back.
Pretty simple! Good craft to save as decorations for future years. Remember to write the year on the back!

Rice Easter Egg Pictures:

Coloured Rice*
Construction paper or Poster Board or Cardboard (or recyle a Cereal Box!)

*Coloured Rice* Put rice into small bowls. Add a few drops of food colouring. Stir well. Allow to dry for a day or two stirring once in awhile. Store in ziploc bags.

Draw a large egg shape on the Paper. Draw lines across egg. Let child paint the glue onto one stripe. Pour the coloured rice onto the glue. Pour off extra rice. Now proceed to next stripe and continue until egg is all colourful with rice stripes! Allow to dry well before hanging.

Easter Pages:

Colouring Book Pages
Different Mediums like markers, bingo dabbers, paint, glitter, crayons, etc.

Each day for a week or so preceeding Easter, let child decorate a picture with a different medium. One day doing paints, another using crayons, etc. Hang around the house to decorate for Easter.

Recycling Previous Artwork:

Using some previously painted works of art, cut into Easter Shapes. Child can decorate a little more by adding pom poms, sequins, buttons, glitter, etc.

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