Toddler Valentine's Day Crafts

This Love Bug was made by my daughter at our local Toy Library - a very quick and easy craft for her. Have child colour a toilet paper tube red. Glue on two red hearts at back. Create a face. In this case they had one cut out for her to glue on but googly eyes and a pom pom would be cute too.

I drew up some quick and inexpensive Colouring Pages for my daughter to colour and provided her with some red, pink, and purple crayons. These sheets will hang on our art clothesline for a few days and then get mailed to some special relatives. (don't feel you aren't talented enough, a page with a few hearts and some phrases to colour are all that is required)

Heart Collage - Using flyers, magazines, scraps of my scrapbooking papers, and construction paper, I will cut various sized hearts and let her glue onto a large piece of paper.

I will cut out four large hearts and two small hearts for her to make a Heart Flower Picture. The four large will make the flower petals when glued with the points together. The two small will be leaves for the flower. A pipe cleaner, green construction paper strip, or ribbon will make the flower stem. The child can either colour the petals and leaves or use coloured paper. Glitter could also be added after its all glued down. (I wouldn't count on this one looking like a perfect flower but that's how everyone will know that she created it!)

Last year we made some cute Salt Dough Heart Ornaments. There were various sizes and became necklaces, key chains, and desk ornaments for friends and family.

Valentine's Day Cards will be made with folded construction paper (one sheet will make two or four cards) and then decorated with heart stickers and either markers or paint. Could also glue on hearts cut from felt or fabric or scrapbook paper scraps. You could also cut out hearts from the construction paper, decorate them, and give those out for the child's friends.

**Craft Decoration Idea:
Using one of your child's many works of art, draw hearts of different sizes on the back. Cut out the hearts and your child can now glue them onto whatever Valentine's craft they are creating!
(Great way to recycle some of the artwork that is piling up!)

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