Activities While Staying at Someone's House

It is such a challenge to keep a toddler busy when you are staying at someone's house.
If they have kids then it is much easier as the kids will occupy your toddler and they'll have toys your child has never played with.

If there are no kids where you are staying - good luck! Even if I cart a whole lot of toys along, she will be more interested in all the new surroundings - including knick-knacks, books, souvenirs, and anything else that she shouldn't play with.

We're going to my father-in-laws next week. He's 86 and not fond of his granddaughter getting into everything. I'm desperately trying to figure out which toys & activities will keep her occupied the most.

He lives in Winnipeg so one afternoon will be spent at the Zoo and should be lots of fun for all of us. Another activity will be the Children's Museum at the Forks.

I've packed the following toys:
- crayons & coloured paper
- a few small blocks
- stacking cups (good for bath, sand, or livingroom play)
- baby doll with bottle, cup, spoon, dish, blanket)
- small ball
- many books (that I put away a few weeks ago)
- small etch-a-sketch
- cellphone

So what else can take up some precious time and keep her out of trouble??
  • Water Play at sink or with a bucket on the balcony
  • Sidewalk chalk (we have no cement in our yard so she should enjoy this I hope)
  • Colouring
  • Playground - hope to find one nearby
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Paint with Water Book
  • Paint Brush and cup of water for outside painting of deck or concrete. (see pictures below)
  • toddler friendly websites such as

http://www.fisher-price.com/ and http://www.kidscomjr.com/ and http://www.noggin.com/ and www.nickjr.com

*this kept her busy for a good hour the first time I let her try it. she had fun "painting" everything in sight*

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